We are a delivery bakery service that gifts small amounts of  Marijuana for a delivery fee. We are not a Marijuana dispensary. 

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*$20 Minimum On ALL Orders*


Tips are accepted & appreciated!

Weekly Deals: 11/29-12/3

Brownie Of The Week: M&M

NEW ITEMS:  Fudge, Extra Strength Nerd Gummy

  • All 1/8ths of flower $30 or 2 for $50 

  • Platinum Carts $30 or 2 for $50

  • Wax $30 a gram or 2 grams for $50

  • $60 1/2 oz of Girl Scout Cookie OR Animal Mintz Flower

  • $70 1/2's of Sweet Tooth Flower

  • $100 OZ of  Girl Scout Cookie OR Animal Mintz Flower

  • $15 grams of Golden Goat OR Titty Sprinkles wax  (limit 2 $15 deals per order)

  • $15 1/8th of Cheetah Piss,  OR Snowman OG (limit one per order)

  • Outdoor flower $60 an OZ

  • Original Skittles Nerd Gummy $12 - 200mg *original flavor ONLY*

Need an order before or after business hours?
Text us the business day before you need an order and we will do our best to make arrangements.

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 3-8pm
Wednesday: 4-8pm
Thursday: 4-8pm
Friday: 4-9pm
Saturday: 4-8pm