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We are a delivery bakery service that gifts small amounts of  Marijuana for a delivery fee. We are not a Marijuana dispensary. 

Wanna check out our products?
Ask for pictures of our products before placing your order!


*$20 Minimum On ALL Local Orders*


Tax is included in the prices!

Tips are accepted & appreciated!

To view the deals menu, click the 3 bars in the upper right-hand corner OR text "Deals" to (810)479-3470!


Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12-8 pm

Wednesday: 12-8 pm
Thursday: 3-7 pm
Friday: 12-8 pm 
Saturday: 3-7 pm


*Orders may be placed up to 3 hours before we open; however, you will most likely not receive a response until noon when our secretary is available. Deliveries will start at 1 pm (3 pm on Saturdays)!

To ensure same-day delivery, please place orders at least 30 minutes before closing. If you require special arrangements, we ask that you set that up earlier in the day. We appreciate your cooperation!***

Away from home or need an order before business hours? Ask our receptionist how we can set up a delivery for you!

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