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We are a delivery bakery service that gifts small amounts of  Marijuana for a delivery fee. We are not a Marijuana dispensary. 

Wanna check out our products?
Ask for pictures of our products before placing your order!


*$20 Minimum On ALL Local Orders*


Tax is included in the prices!

Tips are accepted & appreciated!

To view the deals menu, click the 3 bars in the upper right-hand corner OR text "Deals" to (810)479-3470!


Sunday: Closed
: Closed
Tuesday: 12-8 pm

Wednesday: 12-8 pm
Thursday: 12-8 pm
Friday: 12-8
Saturday: 12-8 pm

*Orders may be placed up to 3 hours before we open, however, will most likely not receive a response until noon when our secretary is available, deliveries will start at 1 pm!*

Away from home or need an order before business hours? Ask our receptionist how we can set up a delivery for you!


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